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WINGS silencers are created in our family workshop in the ancient Slovenian city of Ptuj. Known as Poetovio in Roman times, the city has a history extending more than 2000 years. It is a beautiful city, dominated by a castle and surrounded by vineyards and woods.   

All of us who are involved in the production of WINGS silencers are bikers with a passion for KTMs. Our silencers are a product of this passion.

Rather than focussing on production targets or sales numbers we concentrate on producing each silencer by hand, piece by piece, and using only the best materials available. Our obsessive attention to every detail ensures that customers will be highly satisfied with our product.

          We love our work and our products, and our customers will get a clear sense of that. Having ordered one of our silencers, you may have to wait a while before receiving the product. WINGS silencers are built to order, in an atmosphere characterized by calmness and tranquility. We assemble the components of our silencers by hand, and each part is carefully checked and measured during the process.

          Of course we also use modern machinery and techniques in the production of our components - CAD driven CNC manufacturing centers and Laser cutters - but the human touch is still the most important. Every single silencer which leaves the workshop still passes through my hands. Can any other producer claim the same?

          The level of craftsmanship and finish to be seen in a WINGS silencers is obvious. We pour our passion for KTM bikes into every little detail.

          We are in close contact with customers and open to suggestions. Your comments and remarks are always welcome and are taken into consideration. We try to satisfy you completely by incorporating what you want, and expect, into our design and production.

          In my past experience as a buyer of many aftermarket bike parts, I know that two situations can generate a bitter aftertaste - either where the price is low but the quality of the item turns out to be poor, or where quality is good but the price exorbitant. I don't want you to feel this way and so we have calculated prices in a way to achieve the best price/value ratio on the market.

          The challenge to be met was to identify KTM's characteristic shapes and lines and to incorporate them into the design of a new carbon end-cap in a perfectly harmonious way.

          WINGS produces silencers only for KTM bikes and has consequently developed a perfectly-focused KTM design vision. The outcome of this vision is a worldwide patented design which is second to none in terms of quality and design integration with KTM bikes. The new carbon end-cap is edgy and defined by sharp lines- just like KTM bikes are. Other producers aren't able to be as focused as us because they make silencers primarily for Japanese bikes with more rounded, feminine and organic forms.

          We continuously develop and improve our silencers so that we can offer the best product at affordable prices. Comments and suggestions from our valued customers are taken into account in this process. Our latest improvement is a clear hi-gloss ceramic coating for carbon end-caps and heat shields. It's durable, scratch and UV resistant. It accent the carbon fiber structure and lift the quality above the industry standard. Another improvement is use of Viton® instead of rubber for the clamps/brackets.   

          Anyone familiar with our slogan "Because sound matters!" will realize that this is an area which we take particularly seriously. We don’t shrink from the effort of experimenting over and over again to find the perfect sound. So how do we do it? Exclusive to WINGS is an inner tube with rhomboidal holes instead of the commonly used circular ones. We have also improved the multi-layer damping wool composition - the most advanced on the market - through a process of research and on-going testing. turns noise into sound by filtering out unpleasant high frequencies so that only deep tones can be heard.

          With WINGS silencers you get it all - improved low-end torque, a 50% or greater weight reduction, much lower silencer surface temperature, and an awesome sound. You can remove the dB-killers for sport riding.

          WINGS silencers are available in Titanium because of the outstanding characteristics of the metal - lightness, resistance to corrosion, resistance to mechanical influences and durability. For the end-caps we chose carbon fiber because of its extremely low weight and excellent ability to take any shape.


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