WINGS titanium slip-on exhaust / muffler for KTM...

KTM 1190 / R Adv  -  1050 / 1090 Adv  -  1290 Super Adv to '20

Natural  titanium           ............................................................           $1134

Black  titanium        ....................................................................         $1168

Shipping :  
$19 - $49 Australia (depend on post code proximity to Hunter, NSW)
$69 - NEW ZEALAND Au Post
Carbon HEEL GUARD (all models to '20)

NOW INCLUDED - WINGS Exhaust direct customers

A few questions have been asked about side case compatibility: 

The WINGS 1290 Adv /1190 Adv / 1090 Adv muffler is narrower than the stock one, so the gap between the muffler and the side-case is larger. Besides this, WINGS is cooler than the original muffler therefore no heat problems were noticed. Exit angle and direction of the exhaust gases of the WINGS mufflers are exactly the same as at the original muffler. So far, no issues have occurred in this regard during testing. Long-term tests of WINGS muffler continue to eliminate any doubts about side-case compatibility.

A few facts not widely known about WINGS exhausts  

It's been a misconception for years that WINGS is a "COPY" of another exhaust brand. This could not be further from the truth. The WINGS design was "first on the block".

Unique to the WINGS KTM 1190 exhaust  

Just as the WINGS 990SMT exhaust had a carbon fibre end cap designed to perfectly sync with the bikes' design, the all new 1190 end cap is also exclusively designed to match the lines of the newest big KTM ADV. 

Common to all WINGS exhausts  

Use of Japanese titanium, arguably the very best quality available.

New Clamp Strap Liner Material

Viton® DuPont™  fluoroelastomer. The World's First Fluoroelastomer. Viton® fluoroelastomer is the most specified fluoroelastomer, well known for its excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance. Viton® offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals and has worldwide ISO 9000 and ISO/TS 16949 registration.

New UV proof coating on all carbon fibre surfaces  

The new super hard coating is also scratch resistant and retains it's high gloss finish for the life of the exhausts.

WINGS only uses the highest quality and most expensive rivets available 

Apart from the obvious strength benefit, they have the unique ability to expand to "gas-tight" size when assembling after a re-pack.

Because of the high cost, these rivets are only used by manufactures who strive for ultimate quality in their products. Use of these rivets is unique to WINGS exhausts... it's all in the attention to detail.

To keep prices as low as possible, we supply one pre-installed baffle insert with your exhaust. Other sizes are available upon request for additional cost.

15% deposit on SPECIAL ORDERS is non-refundable.

YouTube creator Nerb1 has kindly allowed us to use his excellent video showing installation of the WINGS titanium 1050A / 1190A / 1290SA to '20 exhaust. Please reward his efforts by subscribing to his channel.