WINGS titanium slip-on exhaust kits for... (all years)

KTM 790 / 890 ADVENTURE / SMT 23+

option #1 (exhaust only) - $ 1119     ///    option #2 (exh + ecu kit)  -  $ 1819


KTM 790 / 890 Duke

option #1 (exhaust only) - $ 1119     ///    option #2 (exh + ecu kit)  -  $ 1819

These new WINGS exhaust models are NOT just existing muffler cans made to fit the 790 and 890 models. They ARE, as per WINGS tradition for performance perfection, 100% newly designed and engineered kits for the brand new KTM 790 / 890 Adventure & Duke models. An exhaustive ;D and extensive r&d process, that included over 600 dyno test runs, has resulted in far more than just a pair of light, durable, great sounding slip-on aftermarket exhausts. These exhausts add a seamlessly integrated systems that substantially improves these already razor sharp motorcycles. 


Made of Titanium and Carbon, weight saving 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs
- comes with carbon heat shield
- dB-killer can be removed for an even better sound if Coober ECU is used
- noticeable power and torque gain through the whole range
- stable and strong idle without stalling
- very smooth power and torque curve
- durability of the engine is not compromised

OPTION# 1 (WINGS muffler) power gain - 1.9hp / torque gain - 1.8nm

- DO NOT REMOVE the dB-killer if Coober ECU is not used, otherwise exhaust warranty will be invalid!

OPTION# 2 (WINGS muffler + Coober ECU (+ airbox cover 790D only)) power gain - 9.1hp / torque gain - 10.6nm

-  dB-killer removes for an even better sound and additional POWER gain of .3 HP and TORQUE gain of .3 Nm.

** CF guard below now included in the 790/890kit at no extra charge **

Shipping :  
$19 - $49 Australia (depend on post code proximity to Hunter, NSW)
$69 - NEW ZEALAND Au Post


The daunting challenge you face when trying to make a muffler for the newest generation of bikes such as  the KTM 790 Duke, is to gain power + torque without harming the engine. With the latest generation of electronic components the era of simple sollutions has passed.

Anyone can put some muffler on the bike just because it looks different than original one not knowing which consequences that it might have. Damage to the engine can easily result.

We can understand that this is not your definition of an excellent product. It is not ours either. This is why we at WINGS were not satisfied to quickly launch a half-baked product. Instead, we focused on optimizing our components time and time again until we finally reached our objective: developing a muffler that fully satisfies the requirements of our customers in terms of design, power and torque. It took as many as 631 dyno runs and thousands of real life kilometers to get there. The integrated kit of muffler, ECU and airbox lid makes it possible for you to feel the difference not with sensitive instruments, but by just opening the throttle.

Option #1 contains WINGS slip-on muffler with the dB-killer and brings moderate 1,9 HP and 1,8 Nm of torque. The dB-killer must stay installed and no other component of the engine can be changed in any way.

Option #2 is a set we are very proud of. It contains WINGS muffler, ECU and open airbox lid. The gain in terms of power and torque is enormous. You get as much as 9.1 HP and 10.6 Nm.

Better still, you attain stable idle and silky smooth throttle response. It brings not only peak power but noticeable increase from low through mid range. This makes riding this bike a pleasure. If you want even more sound you can remove the dB-killer and you will enjoy the stronger deeper sound which WINGS is known for. Because sound matters!

The Coober ECU which was developed especially for WINGS muffler is the most advanced computer in the industry. It is 5 times more accurate than the original component. It calculates the right quantity of fuel and ignition every 100 rpm, factory ECU only every 500 rpm. In order to get absolutely pure and equal signal to injectors the difference in cable length between left and right injector is considered in the calculation.

Let me remind you that this power / torque gain doesn't influence the engine durability nor worsen the thermical behaviour - on the contrary. The engine runs smoother with strong and stable idle without stalling. How do we know that? Simply because the development was made on a state of the art dyno where a drop of engine oil is taken every 200 rpm. The oil is analized immediately and upon the results we know exactly which components of the engine are under stress at that rpm. We also know if any additional stress is caused by changing the muffler.

Regarding the de-cat pipe you must know that the newest engines were designed from scratch to operate with a catalytic converter. All components were designed accordingly and removing the cat could have have consequences. Instead of running with the Air Fuel Ratio of 14,7 which is optimum, the engine will run at AFR 18,8 which is extremely lean. This means thermical problems and durability issues. Just letting the bike run for 20 minutes at idle with AFR 18,8 and the engine would be seriously damaged. Beside this removing the cat brings nothing in terms of power and torque.

We are certain that every twist of the wrist will show that you made the right decision.

Sincerely, - G.M.

A few general facts not widely known about WINGS exhausts  

It's been a misconception for years that WINGS is a "COPY" of another exhaust brand. This could not be further from the truth. The WINGS design was "first on the block".

Common to all WINGS exhausts  

Use of Japanese titanium, arguably the very best quality available.

New Clamp Strap Liner Material

Viton® DuPont™  fluoroelastomer. The World's First Fluoroelastomer. Viton® fluoroelastomer is the most specified fluoroelastomer, well known for its excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance. Viton® offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals and has worldwide ISO 9000 and ISO/TS 16949 registration.

New UV proof coating on all carbon fibre surfaces  

The new super hard coating is also scratch resistant and retains it's high gloss finish for the life of the exhausts.

WINGS only uses the highest quality and most expensive rivets available 

Apart from the obvious strength benefit, they have the unique ability to expand to "gas-tight" size when assembling after a re-pack.

Because of the high cost, these rivets are only used by manufactures who strive for ultimate quality in their products. Use of these rivets is unique to WINGS exhausts... it's all in the attention to detail.

Old world artisanship meets industry leading CAD/CAM/CNC technology to reproduce a perfect clone of every product that gets shipped.